Falling Asleep at the Wheel (A Rant About Kids and Their Need for Oil and Trucks These Days)

I was passing through a university the other day and something horrific struck my ears. I heard a millennial say “Driving big trucks with oil in them is evil, and everyone who drives a truck is evil for polluting the planet.”

I stopped to say something to this ungrateful Canadian but I paused to observe him instead. Here it was absolutely comical to see this young man complaining about trucks and oil when he was standing on a sidewalk surrounded by beautiful buildings and only trucks and oil could produce such things. I decided to listen to him a little longer before he noticed me staring and laughing at him.

“My mom,” he continued, “once warned me that man kills himself without knowing it. Man digs up the earth but he’s only digging up himself from the inside out.”

When I heard this I thought his mom must have been one of those crazy hippy girls I loved to party with in the ’70s. I kept listening.

“My mom is a lawyer, and she’s trying to change the world by suing big corporations that pollute the planet without consequences for their actions.”

Yup, I knew then. His mom was a yuppie, finally acting on her passions after all these years of partying her brain cells away. It was now that I left and kept walking around campus. I did some deep thinking in the next few minutes and that’s when I decided to write this blog post.

All I want to do is quickly say that without trucks and oil none of us would be here right now. Of course, it’s nice to think of new and better ways of doing things, but that doesn’t mean we should be ungrateful for the old way of doing things. Now, I’m glad to get that off my chest and I hope every millennial reads this. If you are, please keeping strong in fighting for your passions, but read some history too and be grateful for it. Please feel free to share this post on your social media to get the word out. Our you can do a bigger favor and share the homepage, because we have lot’s of exciting content and much more to come! Thanks.