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How I Lost My Belly Fat in 2 Weeks!

Greetings, everyone! Haven’t posted in a little while because I’ve been dealing with some family issues. Things were really looking down for me for a while but the problem has been solved. While I was down and out I was over eating and no longer getting exercise. I developed a belly that was a little more than noticeable, but I knew it wouldn’t last long. All my life I had been a disciplined woman. I was an Olympic athlete, after all. But it was stress that had allowed me to fall behind in my good habits.

I remember long nights eating cookies and watching too many movies. But once things turned around I managed to lose the weight I had gained in a little less than 2 weeks. How did I do it? Here’s the secret.

4 Steps to Lose Your Gut in 2 Weeks

  1. I immediately corrected my diet in a single day. I went from cookies and cereal to salads and fruits. I refused to eat anything I knew would only add to my gut and ate only stuff I knew would make me feel good.
  2. I talked to my self and adjusted my self-image. At night I visualized myself as a healthy and athletic woman until I believed it had already been achieved.
  3. I went to the gym everyday and did sit ups in my home every morning as the first thing I did after waking up. In the gym I pushed myself and focused on my abs where the fat had collected. I worked out until my abs were sore everyday, and didn’t give myself any breaks.
  4. I looked in the mirror and surprised myself. I thought it would take several months to lose my gut, but after 2 weeks I had reached my goal and the realization of it was the final step.

So if you’re dealing with a similar task, try the scientific method and see if these 4 steps won’t work for you! Thanks for visiting, learn more about this blog here: /about/