Falling Asleep at the Wheel (A Rant About Kids and Their Need for Oil and Trucks These Days)

I was passing through a university the other day and something horrific struck my ears. I heard a millennial say “Driving big trucks with oil in them is evil, and everyone who drives a truck is evil for polluting the planet.”

I stopped to say something to this ungrateful Canadian but I paused to observe him instead. Here it was absolutely comical to see this young man complaining about trucks and oil when he was standing on a sidewalk surrounded by beautiful buildings and only trucks and oil could produce such things. I decided to listen to him a little longer before he noticed me staring and laughing at him.

“My mom,” he continued, “once warned me that man kills himself without knowing it. Man digs up the earth but he’s only digging up himself from the inside out.”

When I heard this I thought his mom must have been one of those crazy hippy girls I loved to party with in the ’70s. I kept listening.

“My mom is a lawyer, and she’s trying to change the world by suing big corporations that pollute the planet without consequences for their actions.”

Yup, I knew then. His mom was a yuppie, finally acting on her passions after all these years of partying her brain cells away. It was now that I left and kept walking around campus. I did some deep thinking in the next few minutes and that’s when I decided to write this blog post.

All I want to do is quickly say that without trucks and oil none of us would be here right now. Of course, it’s nice to think of new and better ways of doing things, but that doesn’t mean we should be ungrateful for the old way of doing things. Now, I’m glad to get that off my chest and I hope every millennial reads this. If you are, please keeping strong in fighting for your passions, but read some history too and be grateful for it. Please feel free to share this post on your social media to get the word out. Our you can do a bigger favor and share the homepage, because we have lot’s of exciting content and much more to come! Thanks.

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Car Detailing News – Victoria BC Bound

We recently changed our slogan to “when auto detailing a tow truck makes sense to bagel-loving Olympians” for a good reason, and much of that reason has to do with my beloved time spent in the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada this summer. Let the story begin!

As we announced in a previous post today, we love the Canadian automotive industry. If only we had more Canadian-made cars then we’d be fully satisfied. But why doesn’t Canada make more of their own cars? Good question! We’re not exactly sure the decisions behind that, but if it was up to us then we’d all be driving luxury Canadian vehicles. Not only this, but all the Canadian cars would get free monthly auto detailing services paid by our tax money. Wouldn’t that be great?

I’m often Victoria BC bound, whether I’m coming from Toronto Ontario or Halifax Nova Scotia. I visit Victoria BC a lot, and I often take my convertible sports car with me. I go to that wonderful city because there’s nowhere else like it, and I love to get my car cleaned their by professional auto detailers before hitting the highway up to Tofino where I go surfing with my girlfriends every summer. This summer in 2019 I just got back from my trip, and this is where the news comes in. Indeed, I got great news for all you lovely readers today!

I really learned the benefit of getting your vehicle professionally washed inside and out by expert auto detailers while in Victoria BC this summer. Aye, and especially when you get auto detailing mobile to your hotel parking lot! The benefits are nearly countless: that fresh car smell, fulfilling your ego, not taking no for an answer, feeling like a queen in a chariot as I groove on down Oak Bay avenue like a champion in my spotless, shiny sports car… ahhhh, life is good.

News About Victoria Car Detailing Innovation in 2019:

  1. It’s now easy to get mobile car detailing Victoria BC services, as all you need to do is call your local professionals over the phone and they’ll come to your location anywhere on Vancouver Island in the same day with their mobile auto detailing trailer and all the cleaning equipment and tools needed to get the job done.
  2. Competition among auto detailing supplies companies has increased in the quality of exterior car cleaning foams, soaps and formulas, giving a profound, smudgless surface to your auto paint that would either take a lot more time or would be impossible in the past.
  3. It doesn’t take much to be appreciative of Victoria BC’s professional culture. It speaks volumes about their ethics when you see clean sidewalks and hard working people with smiles on their faces enjoying the fruits of their labor. In some parts of the world with a lot of radicals and poor people it can be shameful to get auto detailing for your sports car because it’s considered selfish, but in Victoria BC the word “selfish” doesn’t exist per se: it only means “deserving.” If someone takes the time and effort to work their face off all day then in my opinion they deserve to ride a freshly washed sports car or old fashioned truck down Oak Bay avenue, and I would give them a thumbs up just to see them do so!
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Conclusion of Why Getting Mobile Car Detailing is the Next Best Thing to Eating a Bagel While Watching the Olympics…

If you travel to Victoria BC and drive their on a road trip over the ferry rather than catch a train or airplane then you MUST get professional car detailing Victoria services because it’ll make your vacation more memorable and make you feel more established and worthy as you cruise the beautiful, tree-riddled roads and avenues like Queen Victoria herself.

I know not all of my readers will appreciate this news, but for those of you who do it’s life-changing. Never feel bad or selfish getting car detailing services because if you can afford it then there’s a good chance you deserve it, and I’m so grateful I got to experience being a tourist in Victoria BC with a freshly washed sports car for the first time. Usually by the time I get to Victoria after a road trip from Halifax NS my car is covered in dust and road dirt and this time it was a whole other experience worth remembering simply because I took the time to get my car washed inside and outside professionally by auto detailing experts.

So there we have our news! I hope you enjoyed learning and if not then I hope you were entertained. Until next time stay positive and stay tuned!

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Our Love for the Automotive Industry in Canada

Whether it’s car manufacturers, towing companies, taxi companies or auto detailing and mobile car wash businesses, we love them all, as we have a profound love for the Canadian automotive industry. Here’s why….

When I was auditioning for the Olympics as a youth I worked part time for a mobile bagel food truck that traveled from Halifax Nova Scotia to Victoria British Columbia, selling bagels to everyone from car wash girls to car mechanics. I had a great time meeting all kinds of nice people who worked in the automotive industry while I myself was working out of an automobile, and all it took was one night of over-thinking to realize how important the automotive industry is to Canada’s economy.

The team here at Olympic Bagel love cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, tow trucks, buses and all other vehicles because without them some great things would be missing from the world.

I’m glad I get the chance to express my love and today I’m planning a new 2019 blog post for all my readers who like to read a funny story about hard working family business owners in the car cleaning industry. Get ready for more great content and until then stay positive and stay tuned!