What is the Olympic Bagel Blog all about?

That’s actually a very good question. We used to operate a bagel company but have since changed business directions. We still love bagels, however, and our love for the Olympics has also stayed with us. To tell you plain and clear, our blog is about nothing too specific. We write for our family and friends and will blog about whatever we feel like.

But there are some things you can expect from our blog posts.

  1. We love to use dry humor.
  2. We love to talk about working out and sports.
  3. We love talking about why bagels are the best food in the world.

Now you might be wondering why we started this blog in the first place if we have no specific niche to fill in. The truth is we just love to write about random stuff and have a platform to share it. You might be surprised by what we have to say sometimes. I can promise you that things will get interesting.

Who are the authors and what do they do?

My name is Sandra. I’m a bagel addict who used to be an Olympic snowboarder. My age has since driven me to become a less active snowboarder. I just do it as a hobby now, but eating bagels will always be more than a hobby. Eating bagels is my passion!

Larry is my co-blogger. He won’t be writing here as frequently as I will, but I’m sure you’ll like what he has to say. He’s a lot more funny than I am, so that’s how you’ll be able to identify which posts are his. He, like me, used to be an Olympic snowboarder, too, but he doesn’t love bagels as much as I do. He actually thinks I’m a bit crazy for loving bagels so much.

Today Larry drives a limousine and maintains his precious hobby of painting snowy mountains. I wished he would paint me a bagel! A man with his sense of humor should get a kick out of it, but he’s far too content with snowy mountains. I think that’s why he got into snowboarding in the first place. He loves nature.

Larry’s good friends with my husband Jim. We all get along well and our cordiality will certainly reflect itself in our many blog posts to come.

Stay tuned for some Olympic Bagel fun!