Should I Get a New Dog?

With this pandemic still preventing me from doing all the things I’d love to do right now, I find myself bored at home way more than I’d wish. I was thinking that maybe getting a puppy would help me deal with my boredom but I’ve seen some of my best friends get dogs and their life seemed like Hell for a while until the dog was able to entertain itself somewhat. I’m at loss for what to do if you know something I don’t I’d love to hear it.

Please contact me if you think I should get a dog. If I did get a dog, it would be a white lab and her name would be Bagel.

Thanks in advance!


Back to Victoria BC for the Summer

Well, it happened. We now own a share of a cabin in Victoria BC and will be going back this summer, 2021. The cabin is shared by 4 other families, but we get it for 3 months out of the year. The cabin itself was in disrepair when we made our offer, which is why we got such a good deal.

The last time we were in Victoria, we were blown away but the beauty of the nature and trees. It’s been rated the greenest city in the world countless times for a good reason. But this summer won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, oh no! This time around we got a lot of work to do on the cabin’s property. There are a few trees that need to be removed, but we were fortunately referred to a greet tree removal Victoria BC company Tree Service Pros at (250) 900-4644, which answered all our questions professionally, so no worries there. But! And there’s always a but… the other chores involve painting the cabin, getting some pests out of there like hornet nests and rats. The other families only use it once a year, too, for a week at the most, so we’ll be there more and it’ll be up to us to keep it nice.

Our plan it to tackle it all at once and then hire a handyman to check on it for an hour or two per month. So please let us know if you know any good handymen in Victoria BC. Besides that, the chores are just what you’d expect: window cleaning, appliance repair, sweeping, etc.

We were excited to announce this because we haven’t blogged in a while and with everything going on these days we haven’t been ourselves lately. We hope this will be a good getaway for us and provide us with some inspiration to blog more often.

Thanks for reading.

central alberta roadside truck lovers

Love for Central Alberta Truck Lovers

It’s been a while since we posted, as our site was down for maintenance. Well, we’re back with the old theme and today we want to give a shot out to Central Alberta as a hub for big tow truck lovers and people who love to keep their sweet cars clean. The Texas of Canada, we love you. Go Edmonton Oilers!

Keep up the great work everyone in Alberta, from Red Deer to Calgary and all around, you Canadians are amazing.